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02.2021-06.2021_Pathway of Design Futures,UK

“Under your halo” / 家庭,行动主义,身份,思辨设计,体验设计,亲密关系

Who are we in a family? Mom? Dad? Somebody's legal guardian? That sounds great. But children who live in families without these typical roles can have plenty of love as well. Besides conveying responsibility relationship and blood bond, these labelling roles categories families.

If you have ever observed, sometimes people are hurt by this invisible border, especially children.

Families are diversifying, and the proportion of non-nuclear families is gradually increasing. This situation makes it necessary and urgent for us to question the rationality of family categorisation and explore the current identification system's dark side.

My response is an identification mechanism that is different from the legal and kinship status system. Relatively, it emphasises the human difference in natural attributes and the wholeness of all family members' identity, rather than assigning roles by labelling. In the utopia, Yugoo (the device) defines each family member with a short sound note. Sound identities are not labels nor comparable characteristic, which leads to the disappearance of family boundaries.

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12.2020-01.2021_Pathway of Design Futures,UK

Engram / 脑神经科学,体外设备,未来概念设计,交互,亲密关系

is a life-long accompanying organic device for recording and sharing future human's neural signals. It is designed to enable people to interact without traditional expression methods, such as language. Pei hopes it can help human-human intimacy in his dystopian scenario full of loneliness in 2050. He left the project in uncertainty and unsettling because he thinks that's where the value of projects about the future is.

#future #biotechnology #intimacy #companionship #object #artificialintelligence #interactiondesign #product @Yangxiaoxiao @Hutianhuizi

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10.2020-12.2020_Pathway of Design Future,UK

In the context of product gamification, both positive and negative impacts on us from games will be magnified a lot in the future. Game, a friend who was born at the beginning of humankind, now needs to be reconsidered, from today’s perspective.

#future #game #gamification #autonomy #morality #psycology #human #phenominology

Guangzhou, China 

Design Director

Z E G L is an affordable accessories company that faces young female consumers, especially Gen Z consumers. We plan to launch our offline store before the Chinese National Day on October 1, 2020.

#interiordesign #servicedesign #interactiondesign #productdesign #marketing #branding


Accessible Vertical Farming / 农业, 垃圾回收,服务设计,可持续设计,慈善

The designer wanted to change the way how society works together to achieve sustainability goal in a specific community, the landfills in Tropical countries, as the same time, find a better way to optimise current tyres recycling process. He wanted to bring marginalised population who lives around and relies on landfills into this ambitious sustainable plan.

#sustainability #landfill #tyrerecyclingprocess #mushroomindustry #garbagetrade #community #unitednations #agriculture #servicedesign #productdesign #constellation #stakeholder


Enhancing Humans / 可穿戴设备概念,战略设计 
In this project, Pei and his team put forward three hypotheses about the future, and completed a specific design challenge corresponding to one of the hypotheses.

#Wearable device #future #scenarios #memory #evolution

@Sharon Ramalingam @Cara Tao @Soobin Song @Mashal


Food display / 结构设计,可持续发展,家用电器
is a refrigerator mechanism with simple mechanical principles, which is used to replace existing market products‘s solutions with high energy consumption and low efficiency.

#sustainablity #product #engineering #marketing

Zhongshan, China

Arch / 灯具
celling lamp

#product #productdesign #furnituredesign #illumination #luxurybranding

Zhongshan, China
Civita/ 灯具

celling lamp

#product #productdesign #furnituredesign #illumination #luxurybranding

Zhongshan, China

Twisting / 灯具 celling lamp

#product #productdesign #furnituredesign #illumination #luxurybranding

Milano, Italia

Toki / 餐具,包装
Toki is a modular Japanese lunch box. Inspired by the structure of the traditional Japanese courtyard, the designer has thoroughly studied the composition of the daily diet of ordinary Japanese people, and divided the limited space into areas with multiple possibilities of combination, which is good for disassembly, washing and assembly, and is used to satisfy Japanese cuisine restaurants. Demand.

#product #food #Architecture #orientalculture
@Chengyuan Ma

03.2019-06.2019_Graduation Project
Milano, Italia

Pintu / 概念车,无人驾驶,汽车内饰, UX, UI, 服务设计
Self-driving concept car

Product design&designer of the year

I got the idea of Pintu based on a fear for loss of face-to-face communication and intimacy among people in the future, when Internet of Things are so advanced that people don’t need to go out of home at all. Then I found there may be another opportunity for real world communication, which is the driverless car technology that sets people free during car trip.

#intelligentmobility #carconcept #interaction #modularity 

Milano, Italia

Relic / 奢侈品卫浴, 陶瓷,模具 

Inspired by chinese ritual culture, I designed a washbasin collection for personal cleanliness ceremony. Steps can lead to sense of time stretch and consequence. With different depth of steps involved, we can hear water dropping every time after washing, this is designed as the last part of the design. Traditional drain and plug arereplaced by a cube shape item which is transformed from traditional Chinese royal family’s container called Ding whose shape could perfectly fit the design of steps.

#ceramic #manufacture #product#furnituredesign
@Maddalena Casadei

Milano, Italia

Eterni / 陶瓷,灯具porcelain lamp

Eterni lamp can create oriental philosophical atmosphere about repetition, it could also represent Wugang’s (the man in an ancient fairy tale) spirit and time passing..

#ceramic #manufacture #product#furnituredesign #illumination
@Maddalena Casadei

Milano, Italia

Sputnik / 高端厨房电器,传统燃料烧烤架outdoor barbecue grill collection

I designed Sputnik barbecue grill collection for SMEG’s most popular 1960s style collection.
Inspired by human’s first satellite launched by the Soviet Union, I formed it in a straightforward and smart shape.The sphere part could be divided into three pieces from top, toasting space, fuel heating part, and the drain at the bottom. Primary material: stainless steel, bakelite, and ceramic fiberboard.

#manufacture #product #furnituredesign
@Taco Langius

Milano, Italia

Ditto / 纪念品,小产品,厨房用品porcelain kitchenware

Ditto is a waterjug collection aimed on giving user primitive operating experience. Intead of holding on handles, users can grab the three “tubes” or hold at the bottom as shown in the gallery, depend on how their feel more comfort. The inspiration comes from water wripples which are caused by stone impact. Ditto jugs are mass moulded and the texture is giving by CNC milling machine, but the final product remains “rough” and full of sense of handmad

.#product #kitchenwaredesign
@Marco Maggioni

Pei Haonan
裴 昊楠 

Design Product & Design Futures
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore