Self-driving concept car

I got the idea of Pintu based on a fear for loss of face-to-face communication and intimacy among people in the future, when Internet of Things are so advanced that people don’t need to go out of home at all. Then I found there may be another opportunity for real world communication, which is the driverless car technology that sets people free during car trip. Inspired by people’s daily social behaviors in coffee shops, I designed Pintu which can be freely jointed and combined. It protects privacy and keeps necessary distance among people and it is personalized. Pintu is entirely controlled by wireless technology, including its communication device, automobile mechanical device and other equipment. The cars are jointed and fixed through electromagnetic technology; the synchronous movement of cars are calculated and controlled by computer; folding doors made of high strength PC material on four sides can be easily controlled any time through communication device.    

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Interior Variation
People are allowed to choose their favorite background scene according to their requirement and personality. Generally to say, Pintu is a personalized private moving space. It changes car’s interior from being monotonous and boring into a practical space that gives consideration to privacy, personality, emotion and communication.