The story: Thousands of years ago, a small god whose name was Wugang was punished by the Supreme God because of his love with the Moon Goddness. His job was to cut down a tree which could heal itself immediately ,and, he was promised that he could get back to the Heaven only if he regret for his improper intention, yet he never turned back his mind but continuing chopping the tree.

The fairy tale shows a man’s determination and tough mind which meets the character ceramic material has in common, pure and stubborn.  

The lamp shape is transformed from a part of the moon and a tree with scar made by an axe. The LED is attached onto the end of the tree. Light will be projected onto the moon surface with a shadow created by the tree itself.

The tree is produced with injection moulding and, while serving, it will rotate powered by a quartz clock engine which is hidden back inside the moon. The shadow spins two rolls a day which makes the lamp could also been used as a simple clock.

Eterni lamp can create oriental philosophical atmosphere about repetition, it could also represent Wugangs spirit and time passing.

Material: ceramic, polypropylene