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The idea about food display comes from a tremendous amount of research and my concern about the top appliance company's marketing purposes.

I found that "you do not know what you already got in the fridge" is one of the significant reasons leading to food waste. People throw food into fridges and other containers such as a drawer or closet after shopping. In most cases, we put them in a stacked way, in which the frontier hides the backer, topper block sight on lower ones. I name it as vertical storage.

Meanwhile, the current fridge space partition design does not work efficiently enough because it will mislead and push people to store food in the wrong way until one day you realize they got spoiled somehow.

Top fridge producers like LG and SAMSUNG both published high-end fridge collections, which are specifically designed to reduce food waste.Firstly, I think it is funny to spend thousands of pounds on purchasing a fridge to "save food." Secondly, how drama this is to install additional screens and CCTV to visualize your food condition!


The only thing we need to think about is how to visualize or remind what you've got already and avoid repeat purchases.

The fridge mechanism food display needs only a bicycle chain and freewheel system to reach our goal. The system can make sure food trays rotate powered by the chain when we open the door, yet if we turn the plates actively or shut the door, the chain won't work.

The inspiration comes from a slot machine. We can easily snapshot what has ever appeared on that rolling screen. In the case of the food display, a single glance is easy but enough.